English naive folk art watercolour The Cheltenham Muffin Man
English naive folk art watercolor The Muffin Man

Naive folk art watercolour, The Muffin Man


Cheltenham Muffin Man, watercolour on card.


John Millbank, c1845, a well known character in Cheltenham, where he sold his muffins on the street.  There are several illustrations and much background information about John Millbank in the Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, England. 


In very fine, almost pristine condition, due to being kept in a Victorian scrapbook.


In period moulded maple frame


Sight:    5.5" x 4.5"    (14cm x 11.5cm)

Frame:  8.5" x 7.5"   ( 22cm x 19.5cm)




Ref: 164