Regency oil portrait of Ann Dorr
Regency oil portrait of Ann Dorr
Portrait of Ann Dorr late 1800's

Regency oil Portrait of Ann Dorr, Barrowby, near Grantham


Portrait of Ann Dorr 1806


A Portrait of Ann Dorr 1783-1840, of Barrowby, Lincolnshire.  English school, first decade 19th century, oil on canvas.  Dated 1806 with indistinct signature visible under a raking light of B Slea?


A charming  portrayal of a young Regency lady,  within a painted feigned oval frame in Regency turquoise, within a maple veneered frame and gold slip. Cleaned and varnished.


Sight:        24" x 18"    (61cm x 46cm)

Frame:     30" x 24"   ( 76cm x 61cm)


£ 790


Ref: 105                                                                                                                                                          

The reverse carries a printed label which bears the crest of William Parker of Grantham, on which is handwritten "Ann Dorr first wife of".  Ann was about 23 years old when this portrait was painted, and it was probably commissioned either to commemorate their engagement or marriage.


William Parker we understand was a surgeon practicing in Grantham, and Ann's family the Dorr's were well established in Barrowby, which at the time would have been a small village on the outskirts of Grantham. Lincs.


Ann is buried in the church yard of All Saints Church, Barrowby, along with her son George, who we presume may have died in infancy.


Portrait of Ann Dorr late 1800's
Family Crest - portrait of ann dorr