Naive and Primitive Weathered Model of a Dolphin
tramp art money box
tramp art money box

Tramp Art Money Box initialled HD


An unusual Tramp Art money box, with brass stud decoration and the initials H D studded to the lid.


Tramp art is a style of woodworking, characterised by chip or notch carving,  and emerged in the latter half of the nineteenth century in Northern Europe and America. 


Tramp art items were made from reclaimed  wood such as that cigar boxes and shipping crates, the use of simple tools such as penknives, and the layering of materials into geometric shapes through glue or nails, and then stained dark brown or black.


Tramp art has become increasingly collected in the 21st century with its primitive charm highly sought after. 


Someone must have been eager to empty the box at some point in its history as the base has a hole cut crudely into it. I think it adds to the charm of this piece.


C 1900


Overall:  approximately 5" square 12.5cm, 7.5" high 19cm




Ref:  538


tramp art money box
tramp art money box