Naive Oil of the French Frigate 'Galathee'
Naive Oil of the French Frigate 'Galathee'
Naive Oil of the French Frigate 'Galathee'

Naive Oil of the French Frigate 'Galathee'



A naive French oil on canvas of the French Frigate Galathee' 

Unsigned.  On heavy coarse canvas.


Twenty-two ships of the French Navy have borne the name Galatée or Galathée. Of these only 3 are Galathee.  Of these I believe this painting to represent the ship of that name active before and during the French Revolution, and the American Revolutionary War.  But I stand to be corrected.


From Wikipedia:

In February 1780, Galathée escorted convoys in the Bay of Biscay, along with Hermione.


Galathée took part in the Naval operations in the American Revolutionary War, taking part in the capture of Sint Eustatiusand to the Battle of the Saintes. 


In the summer of 1791, under Major de Vaisseau Joseph de Cambis, she ferried civilian commissaries to Santo Domingo. During the French Revolution, she took part in the Combat du 13 prairial, where she took Terrible in tow, under fire, preventing her capture by the British. 


On 14 July 1794 she and Seine captured the 16-gun sloop-of-war HMS Hound in the Atlantic.


In the night of 23 to 24 April 1795, Galathée ran aground off Penmarch, becoming a total loss. on the French coast 


Found without stretcher and frame, both of which have been replaced.  Now good for another 100 years.


French Naive School. early 19th century.


Frame:  19.5" x 13.5"   50cm x 34cm

Sight:    16" x 10.5"     41cm x 27cm




Ref:  485

Naive Oil of the French Frigate 'Galathee'