The Chevalier Dessesau
The Chevalier Dessesau

The Chevalier Desseasau


Chevalier Desseasau Remarkable for his Vanity


A watercolour of The Prussian Dwarf, Chevalier Desseasau

who is mentioned as a character in the work of Samuel Foote, a dramatist and actor in 18th century London.


Foote was very wealthy at one time but eventually found himself in The Fleet Debtor's Prison where he met many interesting characters that he later based characters in his plays, including our Chevalier Desseasau.


Maybe they are curling tongs he is carrying in his hand?


Some damage but an amusing subject.

Mounted and under glass within a narrow black frame.

Overall approx size:  8" x  10.75"        20cm x 27cm




Ref:  452a