J Browne, Portrait of 'Captain', prize winning racing pigeon
J Browne, Portrait of 'Captain', prize winning racing pigeon

Prize Winning Pigeon Portrait


‘Captain’ Prize Racing Pigeon, oil on board, dated 1924


Painted in 1924, this prize winning bird continued to win races until 1926, and these exploits were duly noted later at the bottom of the painting.


J Browne is a noted painter of racing pigeons of this period, and this painting is typical of his output.  The pigeon stands against a plain background, relying on his intelligent profile and iridescent neck and chest feathers to make an impact. 


Pigeon racing in the British Isles was a very popular pastime in the early 20th century.  Paintings like this were given as prizes to/or commissioned by owners of racing birds right up to the Second World War. 


In a painted frame with gold slip.


Sight:         11.75" x 17.5"    (30cm x 44cm)

Frame:       16.5" x 22.5"   ( 43cm x 57cm)




Ref: 184