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Black Lion Hotel, West Street, Dublin


Georgian Silkwork


Naive portrait of bull baiting


Naive oil on canvas kittens and mice 1909

Naive oil on canvas 1909



E H Windred portrait of a racing pigeon

EH Windred, Sheffield Jane



C H Wadsworth: Remembrance


Spaniels playing with a magpie

Large oil:Spaniels and jay


Fred Aris  Cat

Fred Aris. modernist oil 


18th century dutch still life with wine and fruit

18c. Northern European 


Regency period gentleman with horse and dogs

Regency period oil


Tommy Osborne, MP for Ide, Exeter 1812, £90

Pair of wooden thread winders in the form of ladies boots

Pair thread winders 


Portrait of a young girl 


E H Windred portrait of a racing pigeon

Portrait of a lady in green £625 

Naive woolwork. 1853


Margaret Collyer, dark bay horse in a stable

Margaret Collyer, dark bay 


E H Windred portrait of a racing pigeon

E H Windred, Jerry


Albert Barlow


Naive portrait of a girl 


Naive folk art cat on a blue fence

Naive folk art oil of cat


Startled cat portrait

Startled and scary cat


A pair of needlepoint panels of King Charles Spaniels

Needlepoint panels 

£600 the pair

Naive wooden decoy duck

Naive gouache 1939 


Early 19th century 3 paintings of same family

Early 19th century family

£1900 for the 3

Spanish Colonial Santo

Spanish Colonial Santo


Squirrel oil on panel


J Browne portrait of a racing pigeon

J Browne, Master McGrath


J T Ryder portrait of a racing pigeon

Bloomsbury circle 

£ 550 

Naive folk art portrait of a cat

Naive folk art cat portrait 


London to Brighton Run, 


Fine naive painting

£ 825 

Folk art sailors woolwork or woolie

Sailors woolwork c 1850


J Browne Straight-Lace Racing Pigeon


Girl in a blue dress with coral necklace

Girl in a blue dress 


Naive study of two cats.  20th century

Naive study of  cats. 


Sailors woolwork c 1850


East Reading Flying Club prize certificates

Large naive watercolour 


Scottish souvenir ware fern picture in pine cone frame

Scottish fern picture

£ 135

Amereican folk art decoy duck

North Wales coast


Naive painting of two horses and chickens

Naive oil painting 



Antique decoy pigeons

Saturday Night Fights

20th century oil


J Browne, Blue Hen 



Naive Straw work of the Menai and Britannia Bridges, Menai Strait, North Wales

Naive Straw Work 


Country horse fair 1870-1880

Country horse fair 


The orange sweater,


Large naive portrait 


Pair of Carrier racing pigeons, folk art, mid 19th century

King George V.  woolwork


 Dutch Wood cut print


'Maldon' a chestnut horse in a stable by Garroway

'Maldon' by Garroway


John Millbank The Muffin Man of Cheltenham

John Millbank The Muffin Man  £425 

Pair picture frames


J T Ryder portrait of a racing pigeon

 J T Ryder, racing pigeon


Set of 6 French Herbiers 1890's

6 French Herbiers 1890's.  £825 the set


Antique decoy pigeons

Three good decoy pigeons available separately


Early 19th century animal engravings

 Coloured Engravings

£450 the set of 13

Large naive oil of an open air cock flight

 Open air cock fight, 1850's


Henry Woollett  Horses in a stable to groom and dog

Henry Woollet, in a stable 


James Russell: Scottish oil


Cut paper silhouette 

£ 180 

HMS Phaeton of 38 guns c 1800 watercolour

HMS Phaeton of 38 guns 


18th century Florilegium Copper Plate Engraving

18thc Engraving


Cut paper silhouette



Large slipware bowl with feathered or combed decoration

Large slip ware bowl 



E H Windred portrait of a racing pigeon

 Dutch schoolgirl