Paintings and Prints

Naive watercolour of a girl in red with oversize cat playing with her shoes



Naive oil on canvas of a terrier.


Richard Dodd Widdas 1826-1885,  a pair of gun dogs in a landscape



Swedish naive folk art family memorial board signed and dated 1865


The Red Barn, Swedish artist late 19th century.  Oil on canvas board.


J Browne, Blue Hen Racing Pigeon

1926 Oil on board 


 Golfers:  oil on board

Early 20thc


6 Botanical Prints published 1879

6 Botanical Prints Published 1879 by J.B. Wolters, Groningen

£350 the set  

Saint Michael, Cuzco School, oil on canvas



Fine naive painting of a farmyard.

Watercolour. Early 19th century

£ 825 

Naive watercolour of a hound in tramp art frame


Rabbit feeding on a cabbage

Small oil of rabbits in their hutch. 19thc



Late Victorian Portrait of a Boy and his Sister

Late Victorian oil portrait of  brother and sister


A small and charmingly naively drawn 19th century watercolour of a manor house



Naive oil on canvas kittens and mice 1909

Cats and Mice:  Naive oil on canvas 1909


E H Windred portrait of a racing pigeon

EH Windred, Oil, Racing Pigeon named

Sheffield Jane


Lady in an orange sweater, large oil on canvas, in cubist style 1977


18th century dutch still life with wine and fruit

18th century. Northern European still life of fruit and glassware.  Oil on canvas


Regency period gentleman with horse and dogs

Regency period oil on canvas of a gentleman

with his horse and dog


Lithograph caricature of Tommy Osborne,

MP for Ide, Exeter 1812, 


Oil Portrait of a young girl, 1961 Paris


The Chevalier Dessesau, 'The Prussian Dwarf,

Late 18th/early 19thc



E H Windred portrait of a racing pigeon

 Dutch schoolgirl,  signed E Adama (19)'38 Amsterdam.  Oil on canvas


Squirrel oil on panel, mid 20th century


Cut paper silhouette. Early 19th century

£ 180 

East Reading Flying Club prize certificates

A large naïve watercolour of racing yachts,

mid 20th century


Large 18th century naive still life with fishes and fruit.



Magical portrait of a tabby cat. French 1920's



Large naive oil of an open air cock flight

 Open air cock fight with all the local men looking on.  A large oil on canvas, c1850


A large naive oil painting of a heavy horse with decorative brasses mid 19th century


A fine watercolour c1860 of two sisters in white


An interesting naive 18th century watercolour of coats of arms


Set of 10 hand coloured seashell prints 1820's

A set of 10 fine and delicately painted engraved plates of sea shells, dated between 1822 and 1824

£525 the set 

"Faithful Friends" early 20th century naive watercolour


Naive oil on canvas of the French Frigate 'Galathee'.  Early 19th century.



A romantic meeting down a country lane

Naive gouache of a courting couple  Late 19th/early 20th century.


French Still Life, rustic scene of fish on a plate with jars


A large and impressive oil on canvas of The Royal Children Inn, Nottingham, from around 1898, by Arthur Goodwin. Monogrammed lower right .


Early 19th century view of Southend Pier and sea front.


E H Windred portrait of a racing pigeon

Mid Century, Portrait of a lady in green


Salmon: James Russell, Scottish oil on board.  early to mid 20th century


Set of 4 Watercolours of Local Characters

£225 the 4 

C H Wadsworth, Racing Pigeon named Bridge



Girl with cat and toy soldiers,

oil on canvas 1908


Folk art show pigeon award

'Stormy' Portrait of this Racing pigeon 1954


Albert Barlow, Northern School.


Charmingly naive portrait of a girl and furniture

Mid 19th century, oil on canvas


Startled cat portrait

Startled and scary cat.  Mid 19th century oil on canvas.


Antique decoy pigeons

Saturday Night Fights

20th century oil


Naive painting of two horses and chickens

Naive oil painting of horses and a chicken , late 18th early 19th century


Early 19th century animal engravings

 A charming set of 13 Coloured Engravings of wild animals. 1832

£450 the set 

Primitive American three section folding decoy

20th century still life of fruit and kitchen utensils


American blue bill decoy duck

20th century still life, apples and corn


A finely detailed hand coloured print of an apple, the Pomme Josephine


Pen and ink cartoon 'Rushing and Irishman'

19thc Pen and Ink Cartoon entitled 'Rushing an Irishman'


Naive watercolour of a boy in chequered cape, holding a hoop 



Naive portrait of 'Friend' one of Major Tophams' greyhounds, early 19th century



French folk art oil on canvas: owl, pigeons and jug.  Late 19th/early 20th century.



A large and wonderful vintage print of a family of cats in the manner of Gottfried Mind


J Browne Racing Pigeon called


Oil on board 1926


The old man and the sea.  Mid century oil on canvas


Naive Swedish Bonad, dancing to the song Dalmarsch by Erik Axel Karlfedt


Scandinavian coastal ship initialled

and dated 1938


Louisa Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire (1832-1911) aka The Double Duchess. Signed and dated.


Portrait of Marguerite Parigot, French 19th century


Naive still life watercolour 


Naive miniature watercolour of a girl holding a cat

Naive miniature of a little giro with her cat


Late 19th century watercolour of an elderly thoughtful man


Pair of Carrier racing pigeons, folk art, mid 19th century

Carrier pigeons or messenger pigeons

mid 19thc

£ 950 the pair 

A large Regency watercolour of a lady with her sheep, in original hand painted frame.


Naive oil portrait of bull baiting, early 19th century


Girl with Chrysanthemums, 1911


 Dutch Wood cut print, 1800-1850


J Browne portrait of a racing pigeon

J Browne, Master McGrath racing pigeon portrait.

Oil on canvas board 1925


A pair of vibrant vintage gouaches of birds


E H Windred portrait of a racing pigeon

E H Windred, Portrait of the racing pigeon

'Jerry', 1927


Cat with beautiful eyes. Late 20th century


J T Ryder portrait of a racing pigeon

Striking Modernist portrait of a man  Bloomsbury circle

Oil on canvas 1910-20 

£ 550  

Naive folk art portrait of a cat

Naive folk art cat portrait.  Oil on canvas.

Mid 19th century


Ginger the Cabber on the London to Brighton Run.  Oil on canvas.  1889


Naive study of two cats.  20th century

Naive study of  cats.  Oil on board.

20th century


Naive 19th century watercolour of children

Naive watercolour


John Millbank The Muffin Man of Cheltenham

John Millbank The Muffin Man of Cheltenham

1845, watercolour in pristine condition  


18th century Florilegium Copper Plate Engraving

A fine early 18th century Florilegium Copper Plate in the manner of De Bry/Sweert, of the American Aloe plant. Engraving